Privacy Protection Antivirus is a utility designed to remove all traces of your computer’s Web activities.

This software prevents hackers, malware and spyware from obtaining revenues with your personal data. Thus, Privacy Protection Antivirus protects your private information and lets you enjoy the advantages of Internet. Try it now!


One of the most interesting aspects of Privacy Protection Antivirus is automatically updating service whenever a new version is released, so you can always have the latest weapons to defend your privacy. Also, you can schedule tasks to run at any time, without having to be sit at the computer. Privacy Protection Antivirus makes it simple for you.


One of the most used ways to steal information from people is chat applications. Fortunately, Privacy Protection Antivirus is compatible with Windows Live Messenger and that’s why it is able to erase all traces of private information that may be left in your conversations. Privacy Protection Antivirus lets you chat with friends and rest assured of being protected.


On the Internet, there are many programs dedicated to collect data from people to benefit third party developers. Privacy Protection Antivirus deletes that data, so that nobody knows what to do while you browse and also so that your computer is free of useless information. This software is also compatible with all browsers you may have installed on your PC. Privacy Protection Antivirus is an all terrain software.